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Cyberinsurance Can't Keep The Hackers Out, But It Can Keep A Business Running

edited January 2014

imageCyberinsurance Can't Keep The Hackers Out, But It Can Keep A Business Running

The recent data breach at Target has put cyberinsurance policies in the spotlight.

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  • This is just the newest ploy by the globalists to usher in a new cost and form of insurance to line their pockets. Doesn't anyone find it funny that all of a sudden we're besieged by cyber attacks everywhere we look. These are instigated by the very people who use the media (like CRN) to get the public reaction; and then come in like a "knight on a white horse" bringing the solution "Cyberinsurance" to the problem they themselves created. This cost will of course be passed on to the consumers. Just like financial institutions should be providing adequate and proper security instead of trying to sell everyone Identify Theft insurance; so too should our government be providing security (without intruding on our rights). Cyberinsurance means more costs for paying twice for what our government should already be doing and less profit for businesses; and big bucks for the insurance companies who have found yet another way to impose on and steal our hard-earned money.
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