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Cisco Tells Solution Providers To 'Focus On The Apps'

edited January 2014

imageCisco Tells Solution Providers To 'Focus On The Apps'

Cisco Senior Vice President Howard Charney tells CRN solution providers that they should place their bets on data analytics and applications.

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  • Every business uses technology at some level, and every business has certain fundamental needs which are most frequently met through the use of computing technology. Regardless of business type or size and independent of industry orientation, there are 3 fundamental things which every business does which means that there are 3 fundamental application types or solutions which every business will buy at some point. These 3 application types, which could be distilled down to just “applications”, have become so broadly used in business and so widely recognized as the standards that their names are often used instead of the term representing the functionality they provide. When it comes to cloud computing for small business, it’s all about these 3 applications.
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