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Microsoft Extends XP Malware Updates One Year

edited January 2014

imageMicrosoft Extends XP Malware Updates One Year

Microsoft will extend XP antimalware protection until July 14, 2015, irking some Microsoft partners who say it sends a mixed signal to customers.

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  • XP still owns 50% of the business desktops and per Microsoft Server 2003 is still on 50% of the servers (and XP Embedded still running on much of the non-Linux POS devices).The latter are the same codebase as XP; patches for either will work on XP so not a stretch for MS. Funny that 90% of our malware incidents are on the 25% of SMB customers Win7 and Win8 machines. Customers' Windows 2000 machines have been stable since Microsoft stopped patching that OS. I think this magazine rated Microsoft Security Essential somewhat low, one would be foolish not to have a better anti-virus running even if its McAfee. The kicker is: no advantage to upgrading. Win8 it NT 6.2, the same incompatibilities upgrading to Vista (NT 6.0) are still a problem (including M$ laziness in not fixing XP bugs in NT 6.x versions). And isn't M$ competent enough to create a migration tool that works, if they really want people to move off XP. Even worse is Server 2K3 (32bit) upgrade to Server 2K8+ (64bit). Half of the 5% a year leaving 2K3 are going to non-M$ servers (I'm not a Linux fanboy but Linux is more compatible with XP networking than Server 2012).
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