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Microsoft Now Requiring Partners To Undergo Anti-Corruption Training

edited January 2014

imageMicrosoft Now Requiring Partners To Undergo Anti-Corruption Training

Microsoft is now requiring partners to take regulatory compliance anti-corruption training. Channel partners say it's all about avoiding violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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  • In HP's case, it was HP employees who were accused of bribery, not HP partners. The anti-bribery training really served no purpose other than as window dressing for the lawsuits as it was designed to make HP appear as if it was actually addressing the problem. In fact it accomplished nothing other than to cause a very large number of HP partners to decline HP's demand and drop off the partner books.

    I received no communication from Microsoft on this subject but since I passed the HP training with flying colors I believe that I can say that I have been adequately dissuaded from ever thinking about bribing anyone either here in the U.S. or in a foreign country when I try to conduct business with them. Oh, wait. I followed that principle before I took HP's training. It was called common sense. Furthermore, if Microsoft keeps reducing the monetary incentives for us to sell its products and services, it likely won't have to worry about its partners bribing anyone. They may have created the solution to its bribery concerns without realizing it.
  • BobN: I took the HP training which, as I recall, consisted of a series of slides and a questionnaire that asked "Did you understand what we just told you and do you promise not to be a bad boy?" Answering in the affirmative got you a "pass with flying colors." Oh, and that was after you and I each paid the $ 250 course fee. Let's not forget the fee.
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    Could say demanding partners go on this course is paramount to corruption, even more so if you have to pay for it!
    How about a course on fraud, embezzling, robbery, drink driving etc. All illegal so you need training? - Utter tosh it's all illegal and compliance is assumed or if caught you go to jail.
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