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Where The Rubber Meets The Road: How To Fix Field Engagement

edited January 2014

imageWhere The Rubber Meets The Road: How To Fix Field Engagement

When it comes to what happens in the field, solution providers need engagement with partner account managers that are focused on helping partners go to market together.

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  • I agree completely. Where the rubber meets the road with our carefully selected partners is in setting all expectations upfront. We do not report to a single vendor partner. Yes, we have had an issue or two with one particular vendor, even after we specifically defined our position, they tried to assert their will on us. You know me Bob, so you know what I told them. It is our brand, we use their components and solutions in our solution stack, period. And Steve Burke knows very well what we went through in 2006 and why we changed our vendor policy to provide us with flexibility and redundancy we need to succeed.
  • Having developed channel programs from scratch and been a channel manager, the biggest step is to set expectations up front. Plan on good communication - both good and bad news. If you take the partner's point of view, it looks differently. If you plan on making the partner's overall business succeed, they will grow your sales too.
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