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SP500 Roundtable: Who's The Most Channel-Centric Vendor?

edited December 2013

imageSP500 Roundtable: Who's The Most Channel-Centric Vendor?

SP500 Roundtable executives cast their vote for the most channel-centric vendor and Cisco wins for its partner-friendly approach.

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  • It is ridiculous to have to leave a PC and log onto an iPad app to locate and then continue reading an article that I am already in the middle of. And the iPad app isn't that good. It has issues in usability.
  • Please tell us upfront if we won't be able to finish reading an article with the same device that I started with. When I Adam traveling which I often do, I may only have an iPhone with me so the iPad is not an option.

    This policy is a great way to lose readers. My time is too valuable to change devices in the middle on an article. Give us a break and don't force unnecessary policies on your readers.
    Rich Baldwin
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