Mobile Device Management Vendors Tackling BYOD Challenges With Beefed-Up Security

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imageMobile Device Management Vendors Tackling BYOD Challenges With Beefed-Up Security

NSS Labs said an emerging group of vendors is specializing in providing secure workspaces to solve the problem of securing employee owned devices.

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  • MDM solutions are an important part of dealing with the challenges presented by BYOD. But there are other aspects that need to be addressed, such as helping IT staff support a wide range of devices, or ensuring that employees can connect to their work applications.

    What's needed is a way to deliver applications to all types of devices while minimizing hassles for IT. For example, Ericom's AccessNow HTML5 RDP client enables remote users to securely connect from iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Chromebooks and more traditional laptops and PCs to any RDP host, including Terminal Server and VDI virtual desktops, and run their applications and desktops in a browser. AccessNow doesn't require any software installation on the end user device – just an HTML5 browser, connection and login credentials. An employee that brings in their own device merely opens their HTML5-compatible browser and connects to the URL given them by the IT admin.

    For an online, interactive demo visit:

    Please note that I work for Ericom
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