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Chomsky Warns Big Data Tech Will Be Used For Bad Purposes

edited November 2013

imageChomsky Warns Big Data Tech Will Be Used For Bad Purposes

Big data projects hold promise to solve complex problems, but collection and maintaining the data also risks being used improperly said Noam Chomsky and Barton Gellman.

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  • Well, the more lights being shined on the NSA's abuse of our 4th Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution, the better. Mr. Chomsky and Mr. Gellman are professionals whose work and writing are known to a great many people. Their efforts will need to be accompanied by a larger political movement and legal fight to restore our 4th Amendment rights. Thanks to Mr. Snowden and others, It is now apparent that NSA is completely out of control with its widespread and pervasive spying and data collection programs. NSA's budget and programs need to be put tighter civilian oversight, which has not been done by our current political elite and their elected representatives ever since they traded our 4th Amendment rights for a measure of NSA's "security" by passing the ironically named USA Patriot Act.
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