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Expert: New Microsoft Enterprise Licensing Program Could Raise Costs

edited October 2013

imageExpert: New Microsoft Enterprise Licensing Program Could Raise Costs

Microsoft's new software licensing program, the Server and Cloud Enrollment, is part of the Enterprise Agreement. Experts say its licensing requirements could raise costs.

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  • As with all pricing model changes, a fundamental problem that remains is optimizing what licenses you are paying for while also making sure you’re not violating any terms. Changes in vendor licensing rules, which occur often, can have a positive or negative impact on customers. So, where to start? Begin with an understanding of how much software you have, how much you’re using and how much you need. Most organizations don’t have a firm grip on these basics yet. Then use the “what-if” analysis available in Software License Optimization (SLO) solutions to model the various options. This can help to address the problems of finding the best fit available in a new program or the expected benefit of moving to a new computing platform. This type of forecasting avoids surprise bills, or wasted dollars on shelfware.
    -Steve Schmidt, VP Corporate Development, Flexera Software
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