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Microsoft Hopes iPad Trade-In Program Will Boost Surface Sales

edited September 2013

imageMicrosoft Hopes iPad Trade-In Program Will Boost Surface Sales

Microsoft is hoping to boost Surface sales with a new iPad trade-in program that gives customers gift cards for $200 or more for their old Apple iPads.

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  • I wish Microsoft would stick to what they've done relatively well at - software, and stop trying to be Apple. I would not buy a Surface and would never recommend one to my customers. It has nothing to do with Windows 8 - I routinely recommend Windows 8 tablets from Dell, HP, etc. and think a Windows tablet is far more functional than an Android or an iPad. But Microsoft is not "Microsofthard" and it seems to me they should focus their efforts on making really good software - or helping developers to make really good software, especially for Windows 8. This has always been their strong point and advantage over the very companies they're now trying to emulate! The message I see in their strategy is that they want to be in 2nd, 3rd, or maybe 4th place...
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