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It's Your Move: The Best States To Start Or Expand A Solution Provider Business

edited September 2013

imageIt's Your Move: The Best States To Start Or Expand A Solution Provider Business

CRN research reveals the best and worst states for solution providers looking to start or expand their business.

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  • Can't get over the stupid idea that I need to have an app for an iPad or for one of the least popular smartphones on the planet in order to read this article. Most news organzations WANT people to read their stuff.
  • I agree with MS_Licensing's comment. This isn't a news story to read, it is an app to use in market research and business planning. Things we do at the computer, not on a tablet.

    Articles should be readable anywhere, anytime, not just on tablets and apps like the one referenced in this story should be cross-platform apps in html5.

    BTW if I hit the post comment button without being logged in, the site takes me on a journey to unknown and dysfunctional places, loses my comments on the way and tells me my new comment is missing a discussionID which, presumably, is something the site, not I, provides.
  • When I saw this topic in my CRN Daily email message I thought it would be an interesting item to add to my tech group meeting tomorrow night. Alas, having it accessible only on my iPad killed that thought before it ever germinated. I can't justify paying $30 for a special VGA adapter for the iPad just to share this one thing with the group.

    I encourage you to reconsider how you determine where content will be posted going forward. The idea, or so I thought, is to bring eyeballs to CRN wherever and whenever possible. This is a case where it stifles that idea.
  • As Channel Maverick points out "This isn't a news story to read" it is a marketing pipeline entry point. Being in that game by necessity these days myself, it pays to understand that clients of all stripes may be in the market for such app centric options to gain share/notice online.

    I'll have to pass on this option as others may, but it is a learning node if you can find clients looking for this technique.
  • I hate to be a nagging follower, but I've followed this publisher for many years and for an IT centered business to have so many broken threads and poor logic makes me a little concerned about the quality of advice that is coming thru this channel. Now to find articles only available on Apple and Microsoft mobile products is lousy business. It is like the stockroom running the company. Come folks, all of us are in business to MAKE money which requires ROI. Limiting mobile apps to the smallest market share manufacturers is just not good business. Agree totally Bob N. and MS_Licensing.
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