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IDC Downgrades PC Shipments Forecast From Bad To Worse

edited August 2013

imageIDC Downgrades PC Shipments Forecast From Bad To Worse

IDC has downgraded its PC shipments forecast for 2013, expecting it to fall 9.7 percent, which the market research firm attributes to mobile devices leading the charge in emerging markets.

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  • "PCs just can't compete with a changing mobile world dominated by tablets"

    Funny, people who say this sound exactly like those who said the Internet would replace brick & mortar operations. The world's business is still and will continue to be conducted largely from PCs. Call center workers and maybe other employees in mega corporations may operate from "terminals" tethered to compute servers in a data center, but SMBs are PC-bound and mobile devices of any type cannot hardly replace them. Have you ever tried to get serious business accomplished on a tablet? Com'on, be real about your assertions.

    Smartphones, tablets, and convertibles have supplanted traditional laptops as ancillary computing devices, and that's about it. The fact that PC sales are slower owes primarily to the increased reliability and performance of more modern 64-bit systems with oodles of memory, as well as for economic reasons. Media hype has this all screwed up.

    Schyler Jones
    Hillsboro, NH
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