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Pros And Cons Of SAP's Managed-Cloud-As-A-Service

edited August 2013

imagePros And Cons Of SAP's Managed-Cloud-As-A-Service

At SAP's Partner Leadership Summit last week, the software company promoted its new SAP managed cloud as a service (MCaaS) model for brining SAP applications to the cloud.

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  • This approach is something many ISVs are exploring as their solutions - and customers - move to the cloud. The two viewpoints I'm seeing presented generally fall into two categories: the partners own the customer relationship and own the "burden" of acquiring the product to resell to the customer, or the ISV owns the customer relationship and uses the partner as a distribution channel. Even little old QuickBooks is feeling the pain of dealing with new partner hosting models. The ISV believes they own the relationship to all their customers, and they’re right to the extent that the user relies on the software for some business functionality. On the other hand, partners and hosting service providers think they own the customer relationship because they have significant influence over the products accessed from their servers or delivered via their company.
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