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10 Bad Solution Provider Habits That Really Irk Vendors

edited July 2013

image10 Bad Solution Provider Habits That Really Irk Vendors

A look at 10 things vendors complain about when it comes to their solution provider partners.

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  • It is disappointing to have to download an app for a device you do not own or an operating system you do not have just to continue reading an article that I took time out of my day to see what “value” it would have for my operations. All I can think of is what a waste of my time.
  • CRN is persisting in this stupidity making the newsletters less and less relevant to the majority of us.
  • Talk about frustration! We as a company are ahead of the curve in almost all respects and do have the 'devices' for these apps. However I am reading this through my Outlook on my Windows 7 Ultimate computer. Seems that CRN doesn't get the point. The whole forced download is BS - 'Bad Salesmanship'. I'll just wait for the hardcopy. In my opinion, CRN has been steadily going downhill for the past few years since they changed focus. It's difficult to understand who they are supporting lately, advertisers or the channel?
  • Where is the CRN Suggestion Box? As a subscriber I find it increasingly frustrating to be blocked from the full value of content because I don't have an iPad or Windows 8 device. What do we, your subscribers, have to do to get this requirement removed and gain full access to the information? And don't tell me to buy an iPad or Windows 8 device because that is the wrong answer to the question.
  • Frustration is NOT too strong a word for this CRN - what is the deal?
  • Windows has lost in sale with windows 8.But Microsoft is working on 8.1 version to compensate 8th version and also satisfy customers.Working on apps to ensure good output this time
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