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Microsoft Exec: PCs Are 'Likely' To Go Away, But Then Again, They Might Not

edited July 2013

imageMicrosoft Exec: PCs Are 'Likely' To Go Away, But Then Again, They Might Not

Steven Guggenheimer, one of Microsoft's top executives, says the desktop PC is likely to go away, according to Techcrunch. But what about Windows 8 and tablet shipments?

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  • I agree with the comment about touch-centric devices not being effective for many work-related tasks. A numeric keypad on a keyboard cannot be operated as efficiently in an on-screen touch environment when dealing with accounting programs. There is no efficient substitute for a mouse when you are trying to grab and move elements in a Visio diagram on a touch screen. The examples are endless.

    It is one thing to acknowledge that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can provide connectivity and the ability to consume information conveniently in a way that satisfies a specific (and very large) segment of the market. It is quite another to dismiss the desktop PC and its wealth of functionality as being obsolete for content and information creation and other work-related tasks.

    I have yet to see anyone address the prospective work-related lawsuits that will undoubtedly result from injuries incurred by sitting too close to a touch screen monitor and constantly extending one's arms to interact with it as the primary means for inputting data in a touch-centric OS world. Carpal-tunnel syndrome will take a back seat to rotator cuff hell in short order.
  • I do agree that usage of desktop has been reduced.Because user seems more comfortable with laptop, palm top and even mobile phones serves as a computer.So obviously the sale of desktop would reduce.But that doesn't mean that desktop usage stops because companies are still relying in the desktops, the concern would not be able to afford laptop for each employees and also its better to have a fixed desktop rather than laptop

  • I'm with you Bob.

    We work with a lot of public safety facilities and one of the "whiz bang" features touted by the radio console vendors is the ability of the dispatcher to touch items on the screen to transmit on the radio, sound the fire siren, buzz open a door, etc. After the novelty wears off almost every dispatcher uses a mouse or trackball because they can just sit back and work. No constant lifting of their arm to the screen.
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