After Re-Org, Will Microsoft Expand Hardware Lineup Beyond Xbox, Surface?

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imageAfter Re-Org, Will Microsoft Expand Hardware Lineup Beyond Xbox, Surface?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, in his re-org memo, talked about Windows 8, Xbox, Surface RT and Surface Pro. Microsoft is taking tablet hardware design in-house. Will it do other products?

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  • Steve Jobs is turning over in his grave. This was his stated vision for Apple, and now the "hated" Microsoft (from Jobs' perspective), is once again trying to copy Apple. Granted, a "unified" vision need not be the exclusive domain of one company, but it was Apple's early on when Jobs returned to save Apple (which ironically survived due in large part thanks to Microsoft's investment). But the fact that Microsoft is finally doing this so long after Apple started it is laughable - like Ballmer finally waking up to say, "wow, I have this new innovative idea for device unity!" Ballmer is so stagnant and uncreative...
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