Beneath The Surface: Partners Question Microsoft's Channel Commitment

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imageBeneath The Surface: Partners Question Microsoft's Channel Commitment

Microsoft partners who have been shut out of selling the Surface tablets question Microsoft's commitment to the channel.

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  • Is there a way to read the rest of this article without an ipad or windows8 device? Is there an android app? Or a desktop browser link?
  • @chrisayotte, I would sell you a Win8 Surface so you could read the article about how I can't sell you a Win8 Surface, but... well... I can't...
  • Microsoft (and some apparently within CRN) continue to think that Microsoft's stupid tablet decision only affects VAR's selling in the SMB market - WRONG. Most large accounts (corporate, education, & government) deal with multiple companies to acquire their needed products. Some even have government mandated "set-aside" target numbers they need to hit (23% to small business, for example), and customers buying large amounts of product from Fortune 500 dealers get zero credit for acquiring their products from other large companies.

    So when a large government customer contacts us to help them (not only with their IT requirements but also to help them meet their mandated SBE, WBE, WOSB, SDB, ED-WOSB, or 8(a) SDB requirements), do you honestly think we're now going to tell them to shop for tablets at the Microsoft Retail Store?
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