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Microsoft Partners Fuming At Surface Slight

edited July 2013

imageMicrosoft Partners Fuming At Surface Slight

Partners say Microsoft's decision to not sell Surface through 10 large account resellers (LARs) and not through solution providers reeks of desperation.

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    This is disinformation or "partners" like Denali are highly misinformed (perhaps driven by false media hype such as this article). Partners such as ourselves resell Microsoft and other products buy purchasing through distribution. Microsoft has partnered with distribution - Tech Data, Ingram Micro, and Synnex which are probably responsible for 80% of all partner sales in the US and Canada. Even your mega-million dollar resellers like CDW and PC Connection purchase from these distributors. I find it really hard to believe that I, as the little guy in all of this, know that we can resell the Surface but a big player like Denali and the publication CRN doesn't know this? Wake up and write an accurate story please.
  • @Arcomm

    Just because the big three broadline distributors have been authorized to sell Surface devices doesn't mean they can sell those products to any reseller they choose. You must become an Authorized Surface Reseller in accordance with Microsoft, and currently there are only 10 such authorized partners. And right now, those select few are the only partners to which the distributors can supply Surface. These are the facts.

    Are you're saying you CAN resell Surface tablets right now? Is this correct? Are you authorized by Microsoft and have been given approval under the Microsoft Devices Program? Or are you able to get the devices from your distribution partners without authorization? Whatever the case, I'd love to hear more. You can reach me at robert.wright[at]ubm[dot]com.

  • I must eat crow. I contacted the Microsoft person at Tech Data who confirmed that although the Surface Pro SKUs are listed, only "select" resellers can purchase them and Microsoft is not accepting any new resellers. Please accept my apologies as I will accept the "flogging" that is due to me.
  • Unfortunately Rob is correct (and Arcomm is not). I just checked with my inside sales folks at both Synnex and Ingram. Both of them tell me that only 10 companies are authorized to sell the Microsoft tablets (as listed in the article) and no new authorization paperwork is being accepted (or even offered) at this time. So, yes, you need approval to sell the Microsoft tablets, but no, you can't get that approval unless Microsoft decides to open up the program to more than just the selected 10 so far. I wonder how many tablets each of the box pushers had to agree to purchase in order to make the list of accepted partners?

    But don't worry, now that Microsoft has discovered that they are having a hard time making their tablet numbers, they have added 10 box pushers to their sales ranks to help gather up any left-over low hanging sales fruit. After all of those sales are gone, Microsoft will slowly add additional sellers over time (think Windows 9 time-frame and you're probably close) and then wonder why most of the former resellers (that had previously expressed an interest in selling the Microsoft tablet) have already moved on into the arms of other vendors, never to return.

    Microsoft is starting to make Apple look channel friendly, which I didn't think was even possible. How do you spell poorly thought out anti-channel policies? M-I-C-R-O-S-O-F-T.
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    No worries, @Arcomm -- how are VARs supposed to know they CAN'T sell Surface when the SKUs are listed on the disty sites? Not your fault, apology accepted.

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