Alcatel-Lucent's New CEO Begins Bold Reconstruction

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imageAlcatel-Lucent's New CEO Begins Bold Reconstruction

Alcatel-Lucent has unveiled a three-year restructuring plan aimed at cutting costs and driving more sales through the channel.

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  • As a 15-year Veteran ISP Network Admin/Eng, I'd like to see Alcatel-Lucent make it a lot easier to learn and perform the management of their IP-based devices. They are so "different" from Cisco and Juniper as to be completely non-intuitive. And, good, succinct learning info is non-existence. The few Cert Guides available are painful and grueling to read at best. Make it easy to learn and easy to operate and they'll have a good chance of gaining a firm foot-hold in the Data realm. Stay the course of the same old archaic design with little-to-no readily available learning material that an average tech can understand, and Alcatel-Lucent will have little chance of breaking free of their downward-spiral.
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