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VMware's vCloud Hybrid Service: Key Issues For Partners

edited May 2013

imageVMware's vCloud Hybrid Service: Key Issues For Partners

VMware's upcoming vCloud Hybrid Service, its infrastructure-as-a-service offering, presents VMware partners with a lot of issues to weigh.

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  • Good Article, however I believe that most partners will not be able to make the shift even with hiring new staff or creating partnerships. Partners have relied on the big upfront margin and sale (the pot of gold) as a part of their effort with customers. With the shift into cloud computing Partners are going to have to restructure their expectations and cash flow perspectives. in Consumption Economics they made a great analogy that in the cloud era partners will only win the "pot" for the customer and then the opportunity over time and CONSUMPTION of the service to fill it with "gold". This business model shift if the key focus that partners need to prepare for and embrace if they are working to move to the Cloud era.
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