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CIO Road Test: Microsoft Surface Pro Beats Apple iPad

edited May 2013

imageCIO Road Test: Microsoft Surface Pro Beats Apple iPad

Microsoft Surface Pro is put to the test by CIO Kevin Pashuk, who writes that Microsoft Surface Pro performance and ease of use surpasses Apple's iPad in the enterprise market.

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  • Excellent article. As an owner of 3 Surface RTs, and 2 Surface Pros, I find them a game changer for my small business. Also Windows 8 is going to add the usefulness of touch to what we presently use to interface with our devices. For example, the many that complain about the new Start screen, need to understand, a full screen menu is necessary when using your fingers on small devices. The Win 7 Start Menu, would be to small to touch properly on an eight inch device. Thanks for the article, its one of the best I have read.

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