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IBM In Talks To Sell x86 Server Business To Lenovo

edited April 2013

imageIBM In Talks To Sell x86 Server Business To Lenovo

IBM is in talks with Lenovo to sell its x86 server hardware, known as the System X Line, which includes rack and blade servers, CRN has learned.

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  • IBM's xSeries business has been practically brain dead for several years. We've tried...oh, we have tried to make a go of it selling xSeries. The IBM name makes the sale relatively easy. The difficult and dreaded part started when the customer sent a purchase order. Source an IBM xSeries with the necessary memory, hard drives and RAID card through channel stock? NEVER! We routinely waited weeks for delivery of what should be mass-market standard components yet Tech Data and Ingram (the two IBM disties we work with) could NEVER deliver what we needed from inventory. And customer would get angry, oh so angry.

    We primary sell Lenovo desktops and notebooks and dabbled with their ThinkServers. The hesitation has been a rather luckluster support structure for Lenovo Servers. If Lenovo can get that ironed out we would love it. LOVE IT!
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