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VMware Apologizes For Hybrid Cloud Service Provisioning Delays

edited March 2013

imageVMware Apologizes For Hybrid Cloud Service Provisioning Delays

VMware's mea culpa for provisioning glitches with trial for Hybrid Cloud Evaluation public cloud IaaS offered through partner doesn't shed any light on which service provider is actually running it.

Read the full story here


  • Well, it sounds like the VMware marketing machine was not in sync as it was apparently easy to confuse vCloud Hybrid Service with the VMware Hybrid Cloud Evaluation. In the case of the Hybrid Cloud Evaluation you can see what not running your own cloud infrastructure at scale can result it...long waits to provision new user accounts. This is all turning into a wake-up call for VMware, which has historically been content to use its otherwise excellent partner channel to retain ownership of lucrative enterprise workloads. Attempting to provision thousands of new user accounts on demand using infrastructure you don't own can have its downside.
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