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Switching off NetBackup and TSM, where's the need?

Despite the better features, lower prices and reduced complexity offered by newer backup software vendors, many companies have been locked into their current provider because of the complexity and expense to change it often cancelled out any of the benefits gained via a platform migration.

But now the Octane Catalog Engine from Index Engines simplifies conversion and consolidation to a new backup platform while maintaining access to legacy tapes without restoring the original environment.

Using the Octane Catalog Engine, the legacy backup catalog can be ingested from the legacy media server and managed moving forward with the Octane platform. When specific user files or emails are required from legacy tapes to support eDiscovery, legal and compliance requests, Octane provides detailed insight to the catalogs metadata fields for specific files and email databases.

Once the relevant data is located and the tape and the backup set identified, Octane will process the backup set, allowing for the file and email contents to be searched and accessed. Individual files and email databases can then be extracted from tape as necessary. No restoration using the original backup software is required.

Currently, the Octane Catalog Engine supports access to IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and Symantec’s NetBackup.

As a reseller - where do you see the biggest need for this product?
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