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HP Overhauling Security Units, Denies ArcSight Sale, Spin-Off

edited February 2013

imageHP Overhauling Security Units, Denies ArcSight Sale, Spin-Off

Hewlett-Packard is overhauling its security units, creating a centralized research arm out of its TippingPoint Zero-Day Initiative Program.

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  • A number of the comments in this post are opinion and not backed by fact. For example, Oracle has overhead against the hardware, but required no tuning. None. Also, the assertion that ArcSight is behind IBM and RSA in the enterprise security monitoring space is laughable. The author doesn't understand the subject. HP has indeed chased a number of highly qualified and experienced leaders out the door in what I could describe as nepotism and stupidity. The executives that continue to arrive from Symantec have a limited scope in enterprise software and are quickly convincing more of the legacy organization to leave. Frankly, they are in over their heads. That said, ArcSight remains the premier SIEM, but the innovation must continue. The management on-board today is incapable of innovation - They think this is Symantec.
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