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One 'Letter Of Credit' Shell Game Cons Multiple VARs

edited February 2013

imageOne 'Letter Of Credit' Shell Game Cons Multiple VARs

A solution provider details his experience with a letter of credit scam that resulted in $200,000 fraud loss. He warns others from falling victim to fraudulent deals involving computer equipment.

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  • Excuse me? So to continue reading this article I now have to purchase an app from the iPad App store? I have two problems with this 1) I'm a CRN subscriber so why should i now be required to purchase an app to finish reading this and 2) I own a Microsoft Surface and don't use an iPad. Am I to assume CRN is focused solely on iPad users now?
  • @DMitchJr Actually, 1) the iPad app is free to download right now, and 2) we have a Windows 8/RT version of the CRN app coming soon.
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