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VMware Goes Deeper Into DevOps With Puppet Labs Investment

edited January 2013

imageVMware Goes Deeper Into DevOps With Puppet Labs Investment

VMware invests in DevOps poster child Puppet Labs to further its software-defined data center strategy. The goal appears to be to extend vCloud Director to development environments.

Read the full story here


  • We have worked closely with Puppet Labs over the years and are glad to see its innovation recognized by this large investment. However, we think that Puppet’s independence is important. DevOps success really depends on the ability of organizations to select an application orchestration platform to enforce all enterprise governance, compliance, configuration management policy, and security from a single control point. As Kevin notes, Puppet Labs has emerged as a burgeoning DevOps player. By working with Puppet Labs, we orchestrate configuration management compliance at the O/S level AND can enforce this compliance across the entire application platform and application stack. We frequently hear industry validation of this approach as a large value add because orchestrating the development lifecycle cycle and accelerating DevOps initiatives allows business to innovate faster, more securely and with more confidence. Enabling faster software releases in the enterprise is not just a good thing, but a growing business imperative that we are happy to deliver for enterprises in partnership with Puppet Labs. Shawn Douglass, CTO ServiceMesh
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