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HP's Whitman: Sales Reps That Scoop Channel Deals Will Be Fired

edited January 2013

imageHP's Whitman: Sales Reps That Scoop Channel Deals Will Be Fired

Hewlett-Packard is rolling out new rules of engagement for its global sales organization to quell channel conflict, and Meg Whitman says sales reps that break them will be gone.

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  • Too Late! We had to retool to get away from HP's lies. That cost money. I don't see 2 million in my bank account from them, so this is all lip service. Time to liquidate HP before it becomes worthless to investors.
  • Now how about firing managers who poach partners employees? We have heard this before an NO ONE ever gets fired!!
  • A customer came to me last week and asked if we could supply and install an HP CTO configuration. He sent me the quote that HP's SMB team provided. I used the "partner configuration tool" at HPDirect to do the exact same configuration. Our cost would be about 25% higher than the end-user cost.

    HP constantly talks about their desire to be out partner but they stab us in the back each and every time.

    Fire everyone, Meg. Then call us.
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