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Is Microsoft Investing Up To $3B In Dell Buyout?

edited January 2013

imageIs Microsoft Investing Up To $3B In Dell Buyout?

Microsoft could invest from $1 billion to $3 billion as a mezzanine financing partner in a proposed private buyout of Dell, according to a report.

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  • Well, if you can't compete, buy out the industry and scuttle it. This SCREAMS anti trust violation, so it will likely happen by next week. Dell, it has been real, but you are about to become a statistic. The ONLY way Surface will thrive is to scuttle the market and kill any other tech that would otherise SQUASH Microsoft. this is classic Microsoft "innovation" at its best. The bank that happens to sell (not create) software. BTW - forget about future LINUX compatibility with Dell hardware, EMBALMER will install a proprietary chip to block Linux or MAC OSX from ever running on it. Wouldn't be the first time Microsoft stymied the industry (ever heard of c# ?)
    In reality, I see this as a (hopefully) last gasp by Redmond to recover, hopefully they will fail, and the stake will be driven through the "beast" once and for all, and the age of Personal computing will arrive.
  • How would this be an antitrust violation, exactly? Yes, Dell is one of the top three or four PC makers in the world, but if Microsoft invested in (or acquired) Dell, other software platforms would still have HP, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Asus, potential OEM partners. I think you may be putting too much stock in Microsoft's influence these days -- look at how fast Android displaced Microsoft from smartphones and tablets within Microsoft's own OEM partners.
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