Your Marketing Wish List

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imageYour Marketing Wish List

Solution providers want nonproduct-specific marketing training, curriculum and field-based assistance or mentoring.

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  • Rauline,

    Hello. I'm a 30 yr IT, telecom channel vet so perhaps earned right to "chime in". (ex Arrow, Digital(HP), Westcon, Avaya,)

    Still reaeactionding the "print version" of CRN from my log cabin Eastern Canada. (land of hockey as Robert F. will tell you)

    Agree 110%. Tier 2-3 NEW vendors (ie SSD etc) looking to get Tier 2-3 VARs to SELL their NEW solutions need to arrive with solid LEADS and the owner/operators will allocate resources to them. If they can't get the $50-100k required to front end fast start leadgen (ie. $450 per A lead =100 leads), then they will have to UP the discounts etc.

    Here's actual reaction from a NEW SR. Channel Mgr for a VC backed storage vendor looking to sell $1MM in Canada via VARs.

    (I posted your link on my LinkedIN profile);

    thanks, regards,

    Stuart Armstrong

    VENDOR Reaction to CRN article:
    Ken xxx has sent you a message.
    Date: 1/04/2013
    Subject: Your update
    this sounds exactly like what we need. Any thoughts?

    Are you a NEW Tier 2 IT vendor looking to SIGN VAR's in Canada?
    UBM study: STRONG LEADGEN will convince VAR owners to sell your solution.
    Your Marketing Wish List ( from )
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