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The Worst Channel Decision Of 2012

edited December 2012

imageThe Worst Channel Decision Of 2012

Microsoft made one of the worst business decisions of 2012 with its Surface strategy.

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  • Great analysis! As a corp employee working to replace an aged laptop, I attempted to order Lenovo's convertible option. Long story short, 4 months in and no equipment. Lenovo finally cancelled and 2 weeks later I had a Dell.

    I mention this tying to your notes on MS's lack of selling to the corporations and owning that market to secure and manage the BYOD phenomenon. We (I'm a Channel Mktg prof for a software company) predominantly use Office (or Open Office) and creating materials on my personal iPad just isn't practical, I still want the full Office version whether that be a tablet or very small laptop. I have an iPad for convenience to read / send email, books/journals, surf the net, display content I create in Office, etc., but I don't find it convenient to create new materials. I'm not alone on this point.

    So why compete in the consumer world unsuccessfully with Apple? Why not capitalize on your strength and base as you point out as well?

    I also enjoyed an article this past fall where the NFL (the Colts in particular) were supplying the players with stripped down, single function iPads as playbooks. Yes, it sstill cheaper than printing paper, however, what I took from that article was that their technologists did not know how to secure the information without locking down the device. This approach would not work in corp. America, really, I have to carry multiple devices and one is a single function locked down device. As Alton Brown says about the kitchen, "no single purpose toys". I agree.

    Great observations and just shows even the big guys still struggle with channel management and marketing even when it is their strength and they own a large market share.

    Michele Hudnall @HudnallsHuddle
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