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Partners Blast HP Board For Autonomy Fiasco

edited November 2012

imagePartners Blast HP Board For Autonomy Fiasco

HP solution providers say the company's board of directors is at fault for a wide range of missteps from overpaying for Autonomy to hiring former CEO Leo Apotheker.

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  • Dumb moves? How about dropping the NBX phone system? The level of Ill-will that was created was extraordinary, and resulted in large numbers of customers leaving the HP fold FOREVER!
  • It started with the release of Mark Hurd, and now Autonomy...perhaps it is time to change the MIX of the Board and bring in some outside experienced and tested executives with a fresh set of eyes and ears. If HP can regain the confidence of the customers , employees and the shareholders, they are still is a wonderful position to Innovate and deliver great soultions.
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