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HP's Bradley Calls Microsoft Surface Tablet Expensive, 'Kludgey'

edited November 2012

imageHP's Bradley Calls Microsoft Surface Tablet Expensive, 'Kludgey'

Todd Bradley, head of Hewlett-Packard's Printing and Personal Systems business, isn't impressed with the Surface RT tablet but says HP's ElitePad is a bona fide enterprise tablet.

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  • The HP Tablet will be "targeted at enterprises", translated also means $1000+ and talk about kludge, WHAT I gotta carry all that junk around. This is supposed to be a tablet not a laptop Lego set of bricks. Oh yea convince me HP is in it for the long haul. Didn't they dump the PC and tablet business a while back. No thanks HP! You've become a "me-too" company in the tablet space and no loner an innovator. It took Microsoft to get HP off the dime.
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