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Obama Wins, VARs Fear Job Cuts

edited November 2012

imageObama Wins, VARs Fear Job Cuts

President Barack Obama wins re-election, defeating Republican Mitt Romney. VARs fear job cuts, higher health care costs during the President's second term.

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  • Sounds like theoretical whining, just take care of business and get over it! Same folks were so down on the Stimulus and I saw that preserve public sector jobs and benefit the public extensively while mitigating the impact of the recession. Obamma has been criticised for not doing enough to end the recession but how much more could he have accomplished if the Tea party hadn't gone to Washington? The Rebublicans are the party of NO and lost the Senate because of the Tea party. I'm completely pro business and I'm seeing vast improvements going forward. Home builders in our area have begun building "Spec"ulation homes again!
  • People who voted for him wanted change and here it is. I have never seen so many people brain washed by one man into thinking he is making things better when in reality the country as a whole is at its worst then ever before. But of course its never Obama's fault.
  • The comment by Bruce Geier was really telling: "You think CEOs are going to take less money? They are not. You think they are going to risk their bonuses? It just ain't going to happen. They are going to cut jobs. No one is going to say, 'OK, I'm going to pay my fair share and take less money.' " . After several decades of CEO and top management continuing to make many times that of lower level employees, and the rich getting richer and the middle class earning power stagnating, do we really need that attitude? And, Romney's business experience (Bain Capital) was primarily related to leveraged buyouts, something right in line with the same problems with "rich getting richer". I'm surprised that CRN survey respondents believe Obama is going to drive them out of business.
  • Watching too many (economics ignorant) Republican Campaign ads? Reagan your hero? (He inherited a good economy from Carter then caused a recession his second term.) Great Depression lasted 10 yrs after 1929 (started 8 yrs before the banks crashed in 1929), caused by Republican presidents and resolved by government deficit spending. The current Communist Party rullers of China are also using (a type of) deficit spending to expand their economy. And blame Ryan's intransigence on the fiscal cliff. Obama is TOO nice. Gingrinch (like Ryan wants) shut down Government during the 90's and wealthy Republican corporate contributors suffered finacial losses. Hurrah Tea Party.
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