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ARC 2012: Desktop & Server Virtualization

edited November 2012

imageARC 2012: Desktop & Server Virtualization

VMware dominates the server virtualization space and is coming on strong on the desktop side as well. That momentum helped catapult VMware to victory in the Desktop and Server Virtualization category of the 2012 CRN Annual Report Card survey.

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  • Nice article. Server virtualization through hosted virtual servers is not only important to ensure continuity, control, and cost-Savings. But, recent research shows that about 70% of a typical IT budget in a non-virtualized data center goes towards just maintaining the existing servers, with little time left for innovation. CEO’s are curious about the cloud, leading organizations to consider server virtualization to help lower costs with an efficient and simplified approach. This leads to higher reliability and more time for IT admins to focus on high-value projects.


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