Gartner: 65 Percent Of Enterprises To Adopt Mobile Management Solutions By 2017

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imageGartner: 65 Percent Of Enterprises To Adopt Mobile Management Solutions By 2017

Gartner has predicted that 65 percent of enterprises will adopt an mobile device management solution by 2017.

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  • Two points: MAM is more than just an Enterprise App Store (EAS). The EAS lets you get your mobile Apps out to your employees, but you still need to remotely configure, secure, measure performance, stability and usage for those apps. Don't think you are done with MAM by using an App Store.

    Second, and this is not meant as a MDM vs MAM comment, but a right tool for the right job comment. MDM is not required in all deployments. In some cases, MAM is the only way to securely deploy and manage the mobile apps. Where you might ask? Scenarios that involve contractors, distributors, associations and the ilk where the app owner does not have the rights to deploy MDM services onto the device where they need to deploy enterprise Apps.

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