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The Cloud Provides Disaster Recovery As Hurricane Sandy Rages

edited October 2012

imageThe Cloud Provides Disaster Recovery As Hurricane Sandy Rages

Cloud networks have held up despite Hurricane Sandy giving the East Coast a battering and creating widespread damage.

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  • Nice article. I agree that besides significant property damage, Hurricane Sandy will cost billions of dollars in lost business, and partial or complete data loss from companies' physical datacenters.

    It's an unfortunate lesson to have to learn the hard way, especially this hard way. But, natural disasters like hurricanes, floods or superstorms are dramatic examples of the value of cloud solutions when it comes to resiliency in the face of a catastrophe, and the ability to recover and resume operations as quickly as possible.

    Here is an article that talks about some of the ways that how cloud Technology can help rebound after the unforeseen / Sandy hurricane:

    It’s a unique way to look at cloud technology, and I think you’ll find this approach more in line with running a resilient business.
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