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Chambers To VMware, Competitors: 'You Compete Against Cisco, You Will Lose'

edited October 2012

imageChambers To VMware, Competitors: 'You Compete Against Cisco, You Will Lose'

Cisco will aggressively compete with companies like VMware even as it continues to partner closely with EMC and VMware, said CEO John Chambers.

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  • Interesting article, it is funny that when companies like Huawei try to compete with Cisco, that there is some espionage and sabotage going on in the background. There is an article that stated that Huawei was going to purchase Symantec. But from some reports, Cisco had made comments about Huawei and their business practices which cause the deal not to move forward. Don't you think there is something funny about that, because that would make Huawei a competitor in the US market without any inhibitions.

    In addition, I have had conversations with Project Managers and Employees at Cisco, they have the largest turnover rate and the product line is terrible at this point. Engineers are working like Project Managers with no experience in managing projects so they are just failing at the customer service and product delivery end (one of them stated they were unorganized and in disarray). One thing, isn't HP the number 1 switch maker in the market now and didn't EMC buy VMware in a stock swap out. Seems like John has blinders on, he might need to move over and let someone else take over because teaming with EMC, didn't Sun-zu say, "keep your friends close but your enemies closer".
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