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Huawei Partners Quiet Following 'National Security Threat' Report

edited October 2012

imageHuawei Partners Quiet Following 'National Security Threat' Report

Huawei and ZTE are national security risks, according to the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

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  • Of course Huawei is mixed up with the Chinese government and the PLA. Just like AT&T is mixed up with the NSA and Cisco is mixed up with the U.S. military. The question is whether we should only have American corporations spying on us or Chinese corporations too. Seriously though, without any American infrastructure company to do what Huawei does, we are still going to be dependent on foreign corporations and/or their governments for this technology. Shame on the American policy makers who permitted this sad state of affairs to come into existence.
  • this is insane,this is why the President (Obama)stressed education for our own people,and the young. the bush and other administration didn't think about this,putting education first,all they were concern about who they could start a war ,and hire their buddies to supply them. 4g,it's fiber optics.
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