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First Look: IBM Docs Takes on Google and Microsoft

edited January 2012
IBM Docs slips into the Armonk, N.Y.-based computer giant's growing collaboration lineup, but is it enough to take on its toughest rivals?


  • this seems like a multi pronged attack. LotusLive lacked online authoring capabilities unlike Google (Google Docs) and Microsoft (Office Web Apps). It puts IBM in a stronger position to compete with Google Apps and Office 365, while also go after the online authoring market.

    this market is getting confusing!

  • Great for orgs that have thousands and thousands of dollars already invested in IBM software. Not so great for the rest of us. I thought Google Docs had real-time editing and other collaboration features, as well as groups, video chat, group video meetings with screen sharing and multi-person editing, etc? I haven't seen anything from IBM Docs that will convince me to switch yet. Even the brand is a tossup; Google has been pretty reliable, even though it's not as well established in the business space.
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