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Terry Childs: Now The Bill Comes Due

edited January 2012

As if being in prison wasn't enough:

"A Pittsburg man convicted last month of withholding passwords to a city computer network was ordered Wednesday to pay nearly $1.5 million in restitution to the city's Department of Technology, the San Francisco District Attorney's office said."

UPDATE: At Infoworld, Paul Venezia is extremely critical of the San Francisco authorities:

"Just to be clear here, there was no outage, no loss of service, and no problems with the network during this time period. No user lost access to applications, data, or services, and no city activities were impeded. There was no actual damage directly stemming from his actions...

$1.5 million is an awful lot of money. There would be no capital expenses since no hardware was damaged, so it must be all labor -- that works out to 7,500 hours billed by consultants charging $200 per hour. That's 937 8-hour days. You could have rebuilt the entire network from scratch at least twice over for that amount."

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